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Our company is favourably located in the centre of one of the most populous cities in Australia- Perth. Our name is Lease Cleaning Perth and we desire to introduce you to our business and our activities. We started as a small family company 4 years ago and ever since we keep on improving and developing our technologies.

Today, we are proud owners of the most successful cleaning company in Perth with hundreds of regular customers. We offer wide variety of professional cleaning services, specially created to complete your requirements and meet your expectations. The prices we set aim to go easy on your budget, without causing any financial troubles.

Unlike the rest of the cleaning companies in Perth, we use only environmentally friendly and toxin-free cleaning agents, which are preliminary tested to be safe for your family and for you. If you find our offer interesting, feel free to contact us 24/7.

End of Lease Cleaning Prices
1 Bed starting from $185 4 Bed starting from $390
2 Bed starting from $295 5 Bed starting from $499
3 Bed starting from $330

    End Of Lease Cleaning Services in Coogee

    lease cleaningLocated in Coogee, our professional end of lease cleaning service is your best choice to get the full amount of your deposit back. We have teams consisting solely of highly trained professionals with years of experience in the field.

    Thanks to the special equipment we have supplied all of our teams with, we are more than confident in their capabilities to remove unwanted dirt and stains. They will not leave until the job is done, they never miss the smallest details and they will inform you about the execution of the cleaning plan and it’s specifics while it is taking place.

    Lease Cleaning in 6166, Coogee

    lease cleaning servicesMake sure you have everything prepared as the day of moving out is closing in. The property that you have lived in needs to be cleaned up or you will not get your deposit back. If cleaning up is a challenge you can’t handle, then you can rely on us.

    Our end of lease cleaning service covers any kind of rented property. The service is carried out by a team who are all professionals in the Coogee field and have enough knowledge and skills to know how to leave a client satisfied.

    If you feel stressed out about all the things you have to do before you move out, you can always rely on our company to ease the burden on you and help you to get your full deposit back from your landlord. Call us right now and book our amazing end of lease cleaning service.

    We offer our help across entire Coogee and if you book our service we will send our best cleaners to take proper care of the entire property and transform it completely. We can guarantee you that your landlord will be very pleased and he/ she will return you your deposit.
    end of lease cleaning perthMoving out is always quite unpleasant., especially if you have to clean the entire property you are vacating. Although this might be a really annoying task, there is no other way to be sure that your landlord will give you back your deposit. If you need help with giving the place a nice look, you can rely on our end of lease cleaning service.

    We can assure you that we are the only cleaning company in Coogee which can provide such high-quality service for such a low price. Our company has many years of experience in this field and we know how to always achieve positive results.


    No, our professional end of lease cleaning company doesn’t offer to assist it’s clients with the move-out from the property. We are only concerned with cleaning the premises of our clients and in fact we ask our clients to remove any personal belongings prior to our cleaning – both for your peace of mind and for ours, too. We will clean the furniture and appliances in your rented property, but we won’t clean stuff that are not part of the interior of the rented premise.

    From us you can expect a thorough professional cleaning of every room in your rented property. In your kitchen, we will remove grease and grime where applicable, clean sinks and taps, refrigerators and freezers and we’ll even clean your oven. We will thoroughly sanitize every inch of your bathroom and in your bedroom and living areas we will dust and polish furniture and electronic devices, vacuum carpets and clean floors. If you have any additional demands, you can customize our cleaning service so that it meets your exclusive needs.

    We have our very own professional cleaning equipment. Our cleaning products are patented and they are entirely environmentally friendly. This means that if you choose us to execute the end of lease cleaning of your property, absolutely no toxic chemicals will be introduced to your rented home. We believe that adequate cleaning can only be done with professional equipment, and we guarantee that our equipment is the best on the marker. And no, we don’t ask our clients to pay any extras for our equipment – it’s all included in the price.

    0862802542Get your rental back to your landlord in a perfect condition with our end of lease cleaning services. You probably don’t have the ability to deal with the cleaning on your own and that’s absolutely understandable.

    Using our services will guarantee getting your deposit back, which is actually the most important thing for you. You are expected to leave the rental in the same condition you received it, but be sure it will look even better and your landlord will be satisfied to see his/her property in such a perfect condition.

    If our services are the help that you need, call/email us or meet us in any of our offices in Coogee.